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    The sublimation ink line is used to print on polyester and polyamide (lycra, nylon) fabrics. These are common fabrics used for sportswear and outerwear along with mixed synthetic fabrics with a minimum 60% synthetic fibers. Sublimation is ideal for sportswear because the ink does not sit on top of the fabric. The dye particles are in the fabric, yielding a softer durable sportswear image. Bright images do not fade or lose vibrancy with time.

    What does sportswear include?

    Sportswear includes any type of active wear clothing, from jerseys to shorts. Compression or form fitting sportswear is usually made out of spandex commonly used for sports such as wrestling, track and field, dance, gymnastics, swimming and speed skating.

    The benefits of sublimating onto sportswear include:

    • Permanence: images do not wash off or fade
    • Printing does not crack
    • Designs are dyed directly onto the fabric
    • Colors, blends, shadows, shapes are not limited with sublimation printing